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The Firm won dismissal and a “No Probable Cause” finding from the New York State Division of Human Rights with respect to a condominium unit owner’s claim that the Condominium had discriminated against him in connection with efforts to collect delinquent arrears due to the Condominium. The unit owner claimed that the decisions to file a lien against his unit, to commence a collections action for common charge arrears, and to revoke amenities including parking and storage spaces were discriminatory and constituted retaliation against him because he had spoken out concerning a Condominium employee he believed had been improperly terminated. On behalf of the Condominium, the Firm demonstrated that these actions were taken as part of the Condominium’s established process to collect arrears, and not for any discriminatory and retaliatory purpose, and that the other incidental actions the unit owner complained about were similarly unrelated to his race or prior comments. The agency agreed and concluded based upon its investigation that there was “No Probable Cause” to believe that discrimination or retaliation had occurred.