Director & Officer Liability

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling the defense of claims brought against directors and officers in both state and federal courts. The Firm’s objective is to provide timely professional services in an efficient manner, utilizing alternative dispute resolution procedures when appropriate. We focus on the client’s needs, we evaluate risk, and the potential exposure to liability and damages. We also consider the cost of litigation in determining the most favorable litigation strategy for our clients. Our attorneys not only bring a level of expertise to the table that allows for an efficient and accurate assessment of the claims, but we also have the ability to recognize when an adjustment strategy may be necessary to achieve the most favorable result for our clients.

The Firm handles all types of directors and officers claims, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Disputes arising from corporate governance and decision-making
  • Challenges to elections and votes
  • Dispute arising out of the governance of condominium, cooperative, and homeowners associations
  • Disputes arising out of alleged failure to enforce covenants, conditions, and restrictions

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