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  • BRPC successfully defended its clients in an auto negligence case obtaining a Final Order of Dismissal on BRPC’s Motion to Dismiss for Fraud upon the Court. Plaintiff brought a negligence suit against BRPC’s clients seeking to recover damages for personal injuries. In deposition Plaintiff provided sworn testimony that that she has a permanent limp which required her to use a cane at all times when she walked, that she needed a cane or handrail to walk up and down steps otherwise she was unable to do it, that she was unable to carry large boxes, heavy or bulky items, and that she cannot walk straight because her leg moves out to the left. BRPC produced video surveillance evidence in direct conflict with this testimony and successfully showed that Plaintiff failed to testify truthfully in a manner than was more than a mistake, neglect, or inadvertence. The Court found that BRPC, on behalf of its’ clients had proven, clearly and convincingly, that Plaintiff implemented a deliberate scheme calculated to subvert the judicial process, warranting dismissal and final judgment in favor of BRPC’s clients.