Employment Practices

Successfully defended the City of Hollywood, Florida, from accusationsof race and gender discrimination in violation of Title VII and the Florida Civil Rights Actin relation to the employment and resignation of the city’sformer director of business development.  Plaintiff contended that the mayor and city commissioners engaged in unlawful discrimination and harassment when they expressed dissatisfaction with plaintiff’sjob performance and openly criticized her department during public city commission meetings.  Completed discovery and moved for summary judgment on basis that the city officials had legitimate non-discriminatory motives for their actions, and that plaintiff could not produce any evidence that discrimination on the basis of race or gender was in any way a motivating factor of the subject criticisms.  Settled claims prior to summary judgment hearing on terms that client found favorable.


Defended a homeowners association accused of employment discrimination and sexual harassment in violation of Title VII in connection with the termination of a janitor’s maintenance contract.  Moved for summary judgment on basis that janitor was independent contractor outside the jurisdiction of the relevant employment laws.  Settled claim prior to hearing on terms that client found favorable.


Defended major employee staffing agency from FLSA claims for unpaid wages and overtime filed by a former employee and the related cross-claims for contractual indemnification that were asserted by the agency’s placement client.  Settled claims with both parties on terms that the client found favorable.


Defended condominium association from FLSA claim for unpaid overtime and retaliation filed byformer maintenance personnel.  Obtained dismissal with prejudice of all claims by showing that condominium association had less than $500k in annual revenue and was not otherwise engaged in international commerce, and thus fell outside the minimum jurisdictional thresholds for the application of the FLSA.


Defended various employers before local, state, and federal administrative agencies, in connection with claims for employment discrimination based upon issues of race, gender, religion, national origin, age, and disability.  Obtained numerous findings of no discrimination in favor of employers and management, and negotiated and settled other problematic claims on terms the clients found favorable.