2016 Cases

October 20, 2016: Florida Supreme Court Quashes First District Court of Appeal Decisions Requiring Language of Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.442 (c)(2)(F) Be Strictly Construed

October 17, 2016: BRPC Proves Plaintiff’s Fraud on the Court Obtaining Dismissal of All Claims and Final Judgment In favor Of BRPC’s Clients

April 2016: The Eleventh Circuit Makes Clear Employer’s Do Not Have to Allow Employees to Remain on Light Duty Status in Perpetuity or Create a New Job for Them

August 24, 2016: The Fourth District Court of Appeals of Florida Withdraws Opinion Granting Appellate Attorney’s Fees in Lawsuit Alleging Violation of FDUPTA AND FCCPA and Substitutes with Opinion Denying Appellate Attorney’s Fees