2018 Cases

September 2018

John Richards and William Peters, Partners in our Fort Lauderdale office, recently obtained a zero liability jury verdict in favor of a nationwide event rental company that was sued by a patron alleging that she slipped and fell in chemicals near a loading dock. While the Plaintiff attempted to shock the jury with gruesome photographs of the chemical burns, Mr. Peters and Mr. Richards established that none of the chemicals at the facility could have caused the plaintiff’s injury. They presented evidence from expert chemists, a plastic surgeon and a toxicologist that established the Plaintiff must have been injured elsewhere before arriving at the Defendant’s property.

August 2018

June 6, 2018: BRPC Donates to Summer Reading Initiative at the Boca Raton Public Library

June 2018

May 22, 2018

May 2018

May 2018: After a Decade of Litigation, Frank Colonnelli and Craig Shankman Were Successful in Dismissing a Highly Contested Legal Malpractice Action With Prejudice and Were Awarded Final Judgment in Excess of $250,000

April 2018: BRPC Successfully Defends Against Housing Discrimination Claim Before New York State Division of Human Rights

April 2018: BRPC Successfully Defends Professional Managing Agent of Cooperative Before National Labor Relations Board

April 19, 2018: BRPC Successfully Defends Dismissal at Appellate Division

April 2, 2018: Frank Colonnelli and Robert Menje were granted Final Summary Judgment in favor of the defense in a highly contested dispute involving a luxury condominium association, bringing closure to issues that have been disputed for the last Two Decades

March 2018: BRPC Obtains Pre-Answer Dismissal of 13 of the 14 Causes of Actions Directed at a Coop and its Managing Agent

March 9, 2018: BRPC Defense Verdict in Admitted Negligence Case – Plaintiff Claiming Nearly $1,000,000 in Damages in Trucking Negligence Case

January 2018: Third DCA Affirms Dismissal with Prejudice for Fraud on the Court